Just because you’re not turning ten-years-old this year doesn’t mean that you don’t have an excuse to host the most fun-filled birthday party you and your friends have ever been to. Whether your friend group is filled with adventure-lovers, party-animals, relaxation-seekers, or just lovely people who don’t mind celebrating with you in whichever way you choose, Pickering has the perfect venue for you. Make this year’s birthday the perfect excuse to try something thrilling, like hang gliding or paintball, or to finally treat yourself to that hot stone massage you’ve been hearing everyone rave about. When you’re living at New Seaton, you don’t have to look farther than your own community for a place to celebrate with your friends. This year, plan a birthday party that you’ll be talking about with your friends for years to come, and that will make the one you went to in elementary school with the magician feel like a snooze.

BATL - The Backyard Axe Throwing Leage

A perfect venue for a truly unique birthday party that your friends will never forget is BATL – the Backyard Axe Throwing League. Located at 813 Brock Road, this BATL site is the largest of all the company’s GTA locations and can accommodate parties of up to 200 people. Event packages include 1 - 2.5 hours of throwing time depending on the number of friends you invite, flexible food options, and a private area for your party. Upon booking the event, you can also arrange for BATL to make personalized trophies or streetwear for you to give out at the event a more personal touch. No prior experience is necessary, as each session begins with a tutorial from a trained staff member, as well as an opportunity to get in some practice throws. In addition to an unforgettable experience, BATL also supplies its guests with great background music and access to a fully licensed bar. You can choose to either bring your own food and cake to the party, or order in from BATL’s delicious sharable food menu prepared in partnership with several local restaurants.

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May Blossom Spa

This year, treat yourself to some refreshing down time and escape with your best friends to May Blossom Spa, a place that self-proclaims to be a “sanctuary for your senses.” Located at 1725 Kingston Road, May Blossom Spa offers every type of treatment you could want, whether it be a trendy service you read about a celebrity loving, to a deep tissue massage your sore muscles are craving. From manicures and pedicures, to hot stone messages, facials, reflexology, and even body walking, May Blossom Spa has an antidote for all of life’s stressors. With the spa promising that you and your friends will feel instantly serene and reinvigorated just by walking through the front door, how can you not want give it a try?

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Combat Pursuit

Bring your favourite first person shooter video game to life this year by having your birthday party at Combat Pursuit, Toronto’s closest outdoor paintball facility. Located at 3765 North Road, Combat Pursuit is open all year round, unlike many other paintball facilities, and offers both indoor and outdoor areas to play in. Group packages are available for parties starting at 10 people, and include entry fees, gun and mask rentals, as well as paintballs for each of your guests. You and your friends can choose between several different game styles, including capture the flag and team elimination. Combat Pursuit also offers the option to play with microballs–a smaller, lower impact version of the paintball–as well as an opportunity to play with Airsoft BBs, for players who crave a little more excitement. Combat Pursuit truly has everything to get you started and some neat gadgets to test out if you’re already a pro. Don’t forget to bring your own pizza and cake for after the game!

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Cocktail House Bar & Lounge

At Cocktail House Bar & Lounge, located at 2200 Brock Road, you and your group of friends can feel like celebrities as you lounge on plush sofas in your own reserved booth. Enjoy ordering off of the impressive wine and bottle service menu as you snack on some mouthwatering appetizers, or dance to a DJ’s mix of today’s hottest hits. If your definition of a good time is getting dressed up and partying the night away at an exclusive venue with your favourite people, Cocktail House is the perfect place for a flawless birthday.

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High Perspective

If you’re feeling brave this year and love the outdoors, try something a little more out of the box and go hang gliding with a couple of your best friends. At High Perspective, you can feel confident and secure while you soar 1,500 feet in the air, surrounded by 30,000 acres of picturesque natural landscapes and unobstructed views of Lake Ontario, Lake Scugog, and Lake Simcoe. High Perspective, which is located on Highway 7, about 2 km west of Brock Road, has a 48-year-long legacy of providing people with safe flights and instilling a love of hang gliding in many. You can customize your flight experience by adding wing mounted photos to the package to forever capture the scenery, choosing to add a solo, learn-to-glide lesson to the end of your flight, as well as choose a deluxe flight option in which you soar closer to 2,000 feet above ground. Group discounts start at just two people, and flights are available April through November, weather permitting.

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