Our 5 Favourite Things to Do at Rouge National Urban Park

It’s the country’s first national urban park, and definitely one of the country’s most exciting spots to visit! Overlapping the cities of Toronto, Markham and Pickering and the Township of Uxbridge, it’s also home to amazing biodiversity, and boasts one of the region’s largest marshes, unspoiled beaches, amazing hiking opportunities, and human history dating back over 10,000 years! Discover all of the fabulous experiences waiting for you by reading below.

Guided Walks

Rouge National Urban Park truly has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for wildlife sightings, a quiet nature walk, a fitness challenge, or to learn about the rich history of the land, the park’s knowledgable staff helps you every step of the way! They also have special child and dog friendly hikes, making it the perfect spot to spend an afternoon as a family.


Think parks are only fun in the summer? Then you haven’t heard of WinterRouge, a full day of winter activities and sports in Rouge National Urban Park. Improve your slapshot, learn curling, or enjoy one of the park’s signature activities like winter birding and nature walking this Family Day weekend. It’s a fun (and free) way to make memories that will last a lifetime!


For a bike ride that makes you feel far away from the city, the gentle rolling hills at Rouge National Urban Park offer visitors a great cycling experience in a quiet, rural space. If you love to cycle near the water, ride the Waterfront Trail at Rouge Beach, which runs both east and west along the shore of Lake Ontario.


The mouth of the Rouge River and the surrounding marsh area is an amazing fishing spot that both amateurs and professionals will love! Catch everything from Northern Pike in the early spring, to Largemouth Bass and Chinook Salmon in the summer, all you need is your gear and a valid Ontario fishing license!


Learn how to plan for a safe and successful camping trip by yourself, in the company of friends, or with the whole family! Choose from the overnight program or daytime workshop to help you master the art of setting-up camp, roasting the perfect marshmallow, and more.

Rouge National Urban Park is more than a place to enjoy a leisurely hike; it’s a landscape of historic farms, century-old trees, peaceful meadows and lush wetlands, all just a transit stop away. You and your loved ones will love taking in all the incredible sights and sounds that this park has to offer, and will always remember the amazing times you had with each visit.



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