Your Guide To The Best Hiking Trails In New Seaton

When’s the last time you explored the outdoors? Pickering offers some of the most gorgeous natural landscapes, trails, and wildlife that you’ll ever find. These parks and conservation centres aren’t only remarkable places to hike— they’re an experience that will bring you and your family together with every step you take.

Seaton Trail

Located along West Duffins Creek, this renowned trail follows historic hunting and fishing routes on the creek used for centuries by aboriginals and pioneers. You can even find a former grist mill at Whitevale, just before Taunton Rd! This trail is great for families looking for adventure, or a fun way to spend an afternoon outdoors.


Grand Valley Park

Pet lovers rejoice! Enjoy some leash-free play time at Grand Valley Park with two designated areas for big and small dogs. This park is friendly to all activity levels, making it the perfect spot for walking, hiking, or biking as a family.


Altona Forest

The lush landscape of Altona Forest is not only beautiful, but home to a spectacular array of wildlife! Covering 102 acres of land, this forest is great for hikes, bird-watching, biking, and even photography. You’ll love discovering something new each time you make a trip to Altona.


Rouge Valley Conservation Centre

Learn, laugh and explore at the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre! Rouge Valley offers tons of fun and educational programs and camps for kids, as well as special events for locals. With over 10 different trails spanning across the centre, you’ll always have something new to uncover at the Rouge!


Pickering is the ultimate place for leading an active lifestyle and learning along the way! These amazing spots are family-fun certified, and will quickly become your favourite way to spend an afternoon in the New Seaton neighbourhood.


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